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Error 502 Description:Unless you have some sort of deep knowledge about computers some of the error messages that flash on your computer screen from time to time may seem like Greek and Latin to you and you. Now basically a Dynamic Link Library or DLL is one of those files that are utilized by many programs and if you happen to delete a program making use of the “uninstall” command then there is every possibility that you will be accidentally doing away with a DLL file and this in turn can cause an error.

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You will find that when you get an error message there is also an error code that has numbers like error 405, error 80048820, error 0211 etc. each error constitutes some problem that has to be set right. If you install our registry repair tool you can get rid of these errors without much of a problem.

Different error codes mean different errors like keyboard error, fan failure error and so on. Most of these errors are responsible for slowing down your machine and there are chances that it will consequently crash.

The best solution for repairing errors and generally cleaning up your computer is to make use of a registry repair tool and cleaner. Attempting To Fix Error 502 By yourself can cause even more errors..

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Error 502

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Error 502 - Fix HTTP Error 502

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Error 502 Error 502 - Stops Popping Up!

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In some cases you are unable to access a particular URL. This is when you receive an error 502 message and this could possibly be due to the fact that either your machine or the proxy server has been wrongly or not completely programmed.

error 502 is a severe problem that you often find on your computer screen. The main cause for this is that there is something radically wrong with the system registry. Basically the error arises due to the lack of IP communication between the back-end computers that could in all probability also rope in the Web server at the site you are planning to view.

If you happen to experience this problem only at certain sites it could be that there is something wrong with the machines at their site, but if you are experiencing it whenever you try to visit a site then there is either something not right with your internal Internet connection or your ISP is experiencing some serious breakdown somewhere. Some of the indications of the error 502 are lock-up of certain programs, your computer working slows down considerably, the system often freezes, etc.

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